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Repatriation Call to Action

The BCMA calls upon all publicly-funded institutions to repatriate ancestral human remains and burial items.

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Why We Need Climate Action Now

It is critical that museums, heritage organizations, and cultural professionals demand climate action now and that we all do our part to be advocates for change.

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Call for Submissions

Lightning Talks are back by popular demand! Individuals interested in giving a 5-minute presentation on Decolonization in Action or Imagining the Future are encouraged to submit their ideas!

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BCMA Conference Bursaries

The BCMA is pleased to provide bursaries for BCMA annual conference delegates to receive free registration!



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Our Hearts Go Out To Those Impacted By Wildfires

The Village of Lytton and Lytton First Nation have suffered unimaginable losses - the Council and staff of the BC Museums Association extend our heartfelt sympathies to everyone who has lost homes, businesses, memories, and tragically, loved ones.

New Museum Portraits

Listen to the latest additions to the BC Museum Portraits Project -an audio interview and photography initiative that will result in an online archive of the ‘institutional memory’ of the Province’s museums and archives.


MuseNews Episode 10: Innovation, Reconciliation and From the Vault

The latest news, happenings, and announcements from museums, galleries, and heritage organizations across BC and beyond. Join Ryan and Lorenda as we explore the latest MuseNews!

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Climate Action Resources for Museums

Museums are not neutral. Our sector enjoys a level of public trust and respect that few other institutions even come close to matching. It is critical that we help our communities understand the challenges we are facing and bring people together to take collective action in this climate crisis.

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Exhibit Development

A Conversation with Vanessa Kwan and Nya Lewis

With the role of the curator continuing to evolve beyond static collections and gallery presentation, and the sector's reliance on contractors and auxiliary positions, how do curators negotiate with both institutions and the public on community needs, history, and permanence?

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Indigenous Culture & Heritage

BCMA Podcast: Koy and Leia Discuss Decolonization, Repatriation and Allyship Resources, Part 2

Koy Tayler and Leia Patterson, the BCMA’s Indigenous Engagement team, in Part 2 of their discussion about key decolonization, repatriation, and allyship resources for non-Indigenous museums and heritage organizations.

Not just for museums

We embrace a broad and inclusive definition of museums as institutions created in the public interest that engage visitors, foster deeper understanding and promote the enjoyment and sharing of authentic cultural and natural heritage.

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Self-Care for Museum Workers (Book)

Self-care is basically the practice of ensuring that you maintain your best self. This book is a focused look at the professionals working in the cultural sector.

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IBPOC Museum Professionals Network

Responding to the immediate needs identified by racially marginalized museum workers, the IBPOC Network hopes to provide targeted support for IBPOC and equity-seeking members of our community through workshops, webinars, networking, and resource development.

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