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The BCMA is pleased to host regular podcasts covering a variety of different topics. Explore our recurring series below or browse the latest episodes here.

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Recurring Series

BC Museum Portraits

The BC Museum Portraits Project is an audio interview and photography initiative that will result in an online archive of the ‘institutional memory’ of the Province’s museums and archives.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice

Queer(y)ing Museums

Welcome to Queer(y)ing Museums: a BCMA Gender & Sexuality podcast series! In this podcast we seek to deepen the discussions begun in the Gender & Sexuality Inclusion Toolkit, and highlight great work being done around the province and beyond.



Welcome to MuseNews, the BCMA’s monthly museum sector news podcast. Each month we recap some of the latest news, happenings, and announcements from museums, galleries, and heritage organizations across BC and beyond. Join the BCMA Team as we explore the latest MuseNews!

Climate and Emergencies

Climate Action

Museums are not neutral. Our sector enjoys a level of public trust and respect that few other institutions even come close to matching. It is critical that we help our communities understand the challenges we are facing and bring people together to take collective action in this climate crisis.


Owl You Need to Know

Welcome to “OWL You Need to Know” a new micro-podcast series from the BC Museums Association. In this podcast, BCMA members are given 90 seconds to answer 20 questions about themselves.


GLAM International

The GLAM International Series will help gallery, library, archive, and museum professionals in BC reflect on what it means to be an informed citizen with a global perspective. In this podcast series, we will interview innovators, disrupters, and thinkers that help to frame the work we do in an international context.

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