IBPOC Network Tea & Talk

Connect with museum, gallery, and heritage IBPOC professionals from across British Columbia.

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Connect with museum, gallery, and heritage IBPOC professionals from across British Columbia. Brew a mug of tea and catch up, ask questions, and seek advice from one another alongside our IBPOC Museum Professionals Advisory Group members.

As a reminder, the IBPOC Network’s Tea and Talk session is a safe space for all British Columbians who identify as IBPOC museum, heritage, and cultural professionals to share their thoughts and experiences with one another. Please be mindful to give space to one another and respect diverse perspectives and experiences. We ask that you turn your camera on during the session to help ensure a feeling of safety amongst IBPOC attendees.



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Join us for our next Tea and Talk on October 27, 2022 at 1:00 pm.

Brew a cup of your favourite beverage and sit down to chat.

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Questions about Tea & Talk? Contact Jazmin Hundal at communications@museum.bc.ca.

Technical questions? Contact Koy Tayler at outreach@museum.bc.ca.

Why the name IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour)?

Originally launched under the name BIPOC Network, Indigenous BCMA members reached out and suggested using the term IBPOC to recognize that the discussions and activities facilitated through this network are taking place on the ceded, unceded, and sovereign territories of Indigenous communities across what is now referred to as British Columbia. The BCMA recognizes that we are uninvited guests on these territories and wish to center this network around respect and reconciliation.

We recognize that grouping such distinct identities together suggests an interchangeability that fails to articulate the differential ways that racialized people experience race and racism and will continue to evolve and update our language in consultant with the community.

A Note on Tea & Talk

This program runs on the Zoom videoconferencing platform, which may be blocked by some firewall settings. Please contact your IT department if you are not sure if you can access the program.

We are aware of security concerns about Zoom meetings and the so called “Zoom Bombing” that has been in the media. Precautions to avoid these situations have been taken and procedures such as enabling the waiting room feature, muting all participants upon entry and disabling screen sharing have been implemented. The safety and privacy of our virtual programs are a priority for us and we are closely monitoring the situation and installing security updates that are regularly released by Zoom.

This Network is supported by the Royal Bank of Canada