Digital and Hybrid Event Training

For arts, culture, and heritage organizations

Explore the possibilities of digital engagement in the arts, culture, and heritage sector with the BC Museums Association’s (BCMA) latest project, Heritage Online (HerO).

Consultation through HerO offers organizations the chance to improve their impact online. Our team leverages existing data, technologies, and abilities within an organization. We then find ways to navigate and harness digital landscapes, tools, and strategies for the long-term benefit of the organization.

For more information or to learn how HerO can support your organization, please connect with us.

The BC Museums Association gratefully acknowledges funding support of this project

Digital Capacity Audit

Complete this survey to help us explore and improve sector specific training and project-based support for small, rural museums and Indigenous cultural centres. This information will increase our ability to harness digital landscapes, tools, and strategies for the long-term benefit of the sector.

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Project Background

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the need and desire for digital learning in the arts, culture, and heritage sector. Organizations continue to look for innovative ways to engage the public but need support to increase the accessibility and engagement of programming through online resources such as live-streamed events.

BCMA secured the necessary funds to kick-start a new project that will meet this need. HerO provides specialized training and equipment to increase the digital literacy of small, rural museums and Indigenous cultural centres.

Consultation continues as the BCMA team creates workshops and other resources to ensure this project meets specific needs and accessibility requirements. We look forward to developing additional resources and consulting services as part of HerO.

Equipment Rental

In addition to our existing online HerO resources, we are pleased to offer our members access to a new library of equipment to help them better leverage digital resources in their work and community impact. The HerO lending library offers BCMA members the opportunity to rent equipment like video cameras, podcasting equipment, or document scanners instead of having to buy new equipment for projects.

Rental Fees:

BCMA Members can book one or more pieces of equipment. At checkout, you will be prompted to pay a refundable damage deposit.

Members will pay a $25 processing fee (this fee will be deducted from your damage deposit when the item is returned) and any shipping charges.

Please log in to your member portal to view available equipment rentals. Log in here

HerO Resources

Museum Education

Live Virtual Event Delivery

Finding a streaming platform that fits your needs can help you deliver an exciting experience for audiences during your next virtual or hybrid event. There are a number of user-friendly platforms that allow you to increase the production value of your next event without having to hire a contractor.

Museum Education

Marketing For Hybrid Events Best Practices

Both in-person and virtual attendees expect something unique and exciting that is designed to provide a similar level of experience. The following points will help you clearly define your hybrid event, create community, and retain audiences for future sessions.

Museum Education

Guide to Email Campaigns for Museums

Whether you are looking to increase event attendance, receive more donations, or advocate for community issues, email campaigns can be effective tools to improve your presence.

Museum Education

What to Ask Your Audio-Visual Provider

The search for a good audio-visual technician or rental company can be daunting. There are a number of considerations to make when outsourcing or supplementing existing resources for your next live or hybrid event. Find questions, learn terminology, and explore what content may help you make the right investment for your organization below.

HerO Workshops

Event Audio and Video for Museums

Event planners wear multiple hats, including audio and video technician. In this workshop, learn how to improve the audio and video of your next in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, in-house.

Videography Basics

  • Camera Settings
  • How to Communicate Through Framing & Lighting
  • Hardware and Software Optimization
  • Streaming

Audio Basics

  • Microphone 101
  • Increase Audio Passively
  • Hardware and Software Options

Improve Your Streaming Connection

  • Checking for Connectivity
  • Physical Set-up
  • Modems, Encoders & Hostspots

Marketing for Hybrid Events

Event marketing is a promotional strategy that is proven to work. In this workshop, learn how to build and retain engagement and attendance for hybrid events on a budget.

What is a hybrid event?

  • Challenges of Hybrid Events
  • Benefits of Hybrid Events

How can you succeed at event marketing?

  • Why is Event Marketing Important
  • General hybrid Event Best Practices
  • Pre-event Engagement
  • Post-event Engagement


The BC Museums Association gratefully acknowledges funding support of this project