Issue 284: Changemakers

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Fall 2022

Like many, I am having a hard time believing that we have reached the final months of the year. As we near the very end, I suggest taking some time to reflect on how things were done this year, where things can be done better or differently, and what kind of connections were made or missed. In the arts, culture and heritage sector, we are only as good as our connections; to each other, to the past, to the present and to our collective future.

In this issue of Roundup, we bring you Changemakers. These articles come from folks looking at their communities, how their organizations have done things or how they want to do things differently, and pursuing those changes. Be it connecting with the larger community through ‘Doors Open’ like the Richmond Museum or taking the ‘Museum on the Move’ like Maple Ridge Museum, even changing how visitors connect with the plethora of artifacts at the Museum of Anthropology.

Having just returned home from our BCMA Annual Conference last week and reflected on the discussions we had,  I think the desire to be a part of lasting change is increasingly palpable in our sector. I hope that these articles make you pause to think about how you adapted and made change this year, and how you and your organization can be Changemakers in the future.

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Engagement Coordinator at the BCMA


Roundup Issue 284 | A Conversation About Standing in the Gap

Cecil Dawson, artist and Hereditary Chief G̱ixkastallasame-gi, and Curator Beth Boyce reflect on the exhibition 'Standing in the Gap', which has been open at the Museum at Campbell River over the last year.


Roundup Issue 284 | There’s an App for that! Going Mobile at the Museum of Anthropology

Amina Chergui shares how the MOA Multimedia Guide has been developed to incorporate the multitude of voices represented in the museum and offers advice for those interested in creating a similar tool.


Roundup Issue 284 | Museum on the Move: Our small-budget solution for community engagement

Abby Lizee shares the Maple Ridge Museum on the Move program, and how connections were made when the museum went out into the community.


Roundup Issue 284 | Doors Open Richmond: Spotlight on Community Diversity and Engagement

The Richmond Museum's Golmehr Kazari discusses the Museums involvement in Doors Open Richmond and the events ability to connect diverse community members to each other.


Roundup Issue 284 | Being Small is No Problem At All!

Being Small is No Problem At All! Is Tammy Bradford's regular column for Roundup; this time Tammy tackles reconciliation in small spaces through an example from her own work at the Creston Museum.


Roundup Issue 284 | Collaboration and Empathy: Twin Tenets to Foster Understanding

Carolyn Butler-Palmer discusses the need for collaboration and empathy in modern curatorial practices.


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