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BCMA Webinar- Financial Sustainability Week: Show Business

September 15, 2021

Vancouver is often referred to as ‘Hollywood North’ and while watching your favorite TV show or movie you might catch a glimpse of Gastown in disguise as Brooklynn, or the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant masquerading as the Space Needle. Museums have played pivotal roles in iconic movies and tv shows throughout the years, there’s even an Instagram account devoted to museums in pop culture.

Across Canada, filming in BC represents 58% of service production and, in 2019 alone, brought in $2.81 billion. Filming at your museum can be a way to increase your revenue and aid in financial sustainability. However, having a film crew film at your museum isn’t as easy as just opening the doors and welcoming them in. Join the BCMA and Burnaby Village Museum Curator, Jane Lemke to explore some best practices and the steps your organization could take to prepare for filming at your site.

Sample Resources provided by Burnaby Village Museum:

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Financial Sustainability Resources

This toolkit will investigate how your organization can take steps towards financial sustainability with earned income, facility use, food service, e-commerce, travel programs, and philanthropy.