Learning From Our Mistakes

October 27, 2021

3:30 – 5:00 PM (PT) / 6:30 – 8:00 PM (ET)

Sharing flops and fiascos to move forward together!

We all make mistakes. This event proposes a fresh and timely take on the familiar session where people share their work mistakes so they can learn and grow as a community. With the rapid and profound changes caused by the pandemic, and the adaptation and experimentation it generated, there is doubtless a whole new crop of missteps to share. Join Digital Museums Canada Director, Megan Richardson, and some brave colleagues from BC museums, for a light-hearted look at fails and the learning that came from them.

This session will not be recorded. What happens in the Zoom room, stays in the Zoom room.

Event Overview:

  • This event will kick off with four brave participants who have agreed to share their stories with us
  • Afterwards, everyone will be encouraged to break out into smaller groups to chat, share, and designate a tale that could win the overall best story
  • After rejoining together, the top stories will be told and voted on, declaring a winner at the end of the event


Brought to you by Digital Museums Canada

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BCMA is grateful for the support of Digital Museums Canada for this year’s conference!

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