Celebrating Earth Day 2022

April 22, 2022

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with the BC Museums Association!

Museums, galleries, and cultural heritage institutions have trusted positions in our communities. With this comes the privilege to connect with the public on a number of topics such as repatriation and decolonization.

This Earth Day, let us reflect on climate action taking place in our communities and how we may weave these discussions into our personal and professional lives. How can our sector affect change and help educate folks on the importance of taking action against climate change?

To start this dialogue, the BC Museums Association has invited some in our sector and the community at large to share, inspire, and help educate us on the importance and interconnectedness of climate and the cultural heritage sector. Listen to the podcast episodes below!

Earth Day 2022 Podcasts

Climate and Emergencies

BCMA Climate Action Podcast with The Potato House Project

Hear how The Potato House Project integrates sustainability into their work and the importance of community for the success of their organization.

Climate and Emergencies

BCMA Climate Action Podcast with RAVEN

Hear how RAVEN approaches work with Indigenous communities and how these relationships influence how they discuss the environment.


Climate Action Sector Survey

Deadline to complete: May 6, 2022

Estimated time to complete: 3 minutes

This anonymous survey will provide the BCMA with insight into how the sector is currently responding to the climate crisis, determine what resources are being utilized, and understand how we can support you and your communities.


Climate Action Funding

Looking to take action against climate change within your institution? View these climate action funding resources.

BC Community Climate Funding Guide for Indigenous Communities & Local Governments

An all-in-one guide of funding opportunities for climate action projects in your community.

Cultural Infrastructure

The Cultural Infrastructure program supports creation of, or the improvement of, arts, heritage, culture and creative innovation spaces. This program improves the access to, and quality of, professional arts and cultural facilities for residents and tourists alike.

Green and Inclusive Community Buildings Program

The Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) program aims to build more community buildings and improve existing ones – in particular in areas with populations experiencing higher needs – while also making the buildings more energy efficient, lower carbon, more climate resilient, and higher performing

Indigenous Community Infrastructure Initiative

The Indigenous Community Infrastructure Initiative (ICII) will enable the building of new infrastructure projects in Indigenous communities

Climate Action Partners

FortisBC’s Climate Action Partners program offers resources to help local governments, Indigenous communities and other organizations achieve their climate action goals.

Mitigation Funding

Funding options for Indigenous communities and local governments are available for disaster mitigation, disaster response, and after a disaster may have happened.

Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund

The DMAF is a national, competitive, and merit-based contribution program intended to support public infrastructure projects designed to mitigate current and future climate-related risks and disasters triggered by climate change, such as floods, wildland fires, droughts and seismic events.

Emergency Management Assistance Program

In partnership with First Nations communities, provincial and territorial governments and non-government organizations, Indigenous Services Canada's Emergency Management Assistance Program (EMAP) helps communities on reserve access emergency assistance services.

First Nation Adapt Program

This program provides funding to First Nation communities located below the 60th parallel to assess and respond to climate change impacts on community infrastructure and disaster risk reduction.

Community Emergency Preparedness Fund

The Community Emergency Preparedness Fund (CEPF) is a suite of funding streams intended to enhance the resiliency of local governments, First Nations and communities in responding to emergencies. Funding is provided by the Province of BC and is administered by UBCM. Applications are not being accepted at this time.

Want to share the climate action your institution is already undertaking with colleagues in the sector? Connect with us, we would love to hear about your projects.

Please reach out to our Special Projects Coordinator, Koy Tayler.