Podcast: GLAM International Series: The Webb Telescope with Astronomer Marley Leacock

The GLAM International Series will help galleries, libraries, archives, and museum professionals in BC reflect on what it means to be an informed citizen with a global perspective. Through this podcast series, we will interview innovators, disrupters, and thinkers that help to frame the work we do in an international context.

In this episode, Leia talks to Marley Leacock, the astronomer at the H.R MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver about the James Webb Space Telescope. Marley provides a brief review of the development and launch of the telescope – including some details about the Canadian Space Agency’s involvement – before we dig into two of the images released to the public in July. Finally, we chat about how space centres will keep up with the expected influx of data and images from the Webb Telescope.

We will have more episodes in this series coming summer of 2022. Stay tuned for more!

We are grateful for support from the BC Arts Council.

Music courtesy of Chad Crouch, The Sound Of Picture Production Library.