Exhibit Development

Let’s Create an Exhibit! Game

 September 1, 2019
 Matthias Reinicke
Author: Matthias Reinicke
Last Updated: September 2019


Managing museums is complex, but creating new exhibits can be even more challenging. This Snakes-and-Ladders style game offers a light-hearted way to think about exhibit development.

Why A Game?

This game is not meant to present a comprehensive list of tasks you need to undertake in order to complete your exhibit. It is, however, meant to be a fun way to begin the discussion with your staff, volunteers and Board members about the wide variety of steps that go into a professional exhibit.

Each field in the game invites you to think about a specific aspect of exhibit development. The game is meant to help you begin the conversation about the variety of steps you need to take, as well as to decide who is doing what.

The path and circumstances to develop an exhibit are never the same. You may dodge or hit obstacles head on. The roll of the dice imitates the randomness of issues that may occur.

Playing this game might make you (and those you work with) think about the complexity of exhibit development in a fun and playful way.

You will need a dice and each player should have a small marker / object of their choice to move around the board.
The game board is meant to be printed out and laminated and made available in your staff or volunteer room.
Decision making is an interactive process, so two to three players are recommended.

The B.C. Museums Association gratefully acknowledges funding support of this project