Do Gooder: Amplify your voice

How to get your message heard is a challenge many will face with their advocacy efforts. Letter writing campaigns can be a way to get your voice heard and message across. Successful letter-writing campaigns can result in additional funding, support for upcoming projects and change to bylaws or legislature. Despite how successful letter-writing campaigns can be – a challenge still remains in getting those letters written. Do Gooder is a tool organizations can use to make letter writing by supporters easy and quick.

Making letter writing easy and enjoyable will increase engagement and long-term support for your advocacy. Do Gooder is a platform that creates an autofill letter where participants click the link to the campaign, which can mimic the look and feel of your website, indicate their postal code, and the appropriate info fills in about who to contact. Participants can then customize the template letter if they like, or just click send. A customized letter may be more likely to make it through an email filter systems.

This is especially handy for large scale and wide-reaching advocacy efforts where supporters would otherwise be reaching out to individual MLA’s and MP’s. As covered in this previous blog post, our local BC government system is complicated and it can be challenging knowing who to contact and how. Do Gooder makes it easy for supporters to add their voice to your campaign.

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