Non-Profit Administration & Governance

BCMA Webinar: Work from Home & Remote Positions – Experiences from the Creston Museum

January 24, 2024/ 12-1:30 PM (PST)

Since 2020, we have globally seen a rise in remote and hybrid work, but as we return to a “new normal,” many workplaces are abandoning these models. However, many museums, galleries, and heritage sites have limited workspace, equipment, accessibility, and funding obligations that make the idea of hiring a remote or hybrid employee simultaneously intriguing and complicated.

On January 24, join Tammy Bradford for a webinar on the ins and outs of embracing work from home and hybrid positions in your workplace. Tammy will discuss the Creston Museum’s process of creating hybrid positions, the multifaceted benefits of work from home positions for both employers and employees, and some specific objections and hesitations that the Creston Museum has had to address in their process.