Climate and Emergencies

BCMA Webinar: Disaster Preparedness with BC HERN

November 10, 2021


Join the BCMA and the BC Heritage Emergency Response Network for this webinar on the basics of disaster preparedness. The BC Heritage Emergency Response Network (BC HERN) is a consortium of people and cultural institutions from around the province that promotes emergency preparedness, collections salvage training, and is actively building a community of support. Collaboration and training are especially important in these times of climate change when natural disasters and weather extremes are impacting museums more frequently. This one-hour webinar will be presented by two members of the BC HERN, drawing from their experiences and expertise, to help cultural institutions build resilience through disaster preparedness. A risk management approach to disaster planning will be presented. Participants will gain the tools to build their own disaster preparedness plan, including an exploration of the museum’s vulnerabilities, creating and leading a team, sourcing and stockpiling supplies, prioritizing collections salvage, communicating the plan, gaining institutional buy-in, forging community connections and support, and sustaining these efforts through ongoing training and plan maintenance. Learn more about BC HERN on their website: