Museum Education

BCMA Podcast Episode 5: Museum Education

August 2018

In this episode, the BCMA goes back to school, at least for museum education!  Host Ben Fast talks with Jen Garner from the Kelowna Museums about their longstanding Salmon, Saskatoons and Storytelling program, one that has been around since the 1970s but that has seen notable changes in the past few years as it incorporates Indigenous knowledge and new forms of learning.  BCMA Podcast regular, Chelsea Forseth, talks with Nanaimo Museum’s Aimee Greenaway about incorporating sage spaces and critical thinking into the museum’s Far From Home residential school program.  Erin Henshaw and Michael Schwartz talk about what museum education really is: a changing platform for empathy and understanding, and Ben also talks with Lorenda Calvert about how educators group together for their own learning and mutual support with the Lower Mainland Museum Educators.

Join us in Kelowna, October 21-23 for sessions, workshops, keynotes, and lightning talks!  Registration is open now through September 14, and bursary applications close September 1 and 7.  Visit for more information.

Music in this episode by Sound of Picture.