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BCMA Podcast: Community Resilience and Food Sustainability: Haida Gwaii Food Strategy

In the early months of the global pandemic and amidst community lockdowns, the Council of the Haida Nation virtually gathered the community over a series of six webinars on food security. These webinars raised awareness of and highlighted emerging needs and conflicts relating to Haida Gwaii’s food system, and about food security and emergency preparedness for its residents. Over the course of the series it became clear there was a need for a coordinated food strategy and food policy toolbox. This kicked-off the development of the Haida Gwaii Food Strategy (HGFS), as administered by the Haida Gwaii Museum.

In this BCMA Podcast episode, hear from two Haida Gwaii residents engaged in these efforts to strengthen local, sustainable food systems and how the HGFS will, in part, serve as a public repository of local food system knowledge.



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Music courtesy of Chad Crouch, The Sound Of Picture Production Library.