BC Museums Week 2023: Museums Change Lives

2023 Media Kit

May 14- 20, 2023  |   #BCMW23

In 2023, the BC Museums Association is asking members for their help telling the story of how museums, galleries, and heritage sites change lives. 

May 14-20 is BC Museums Week and on International Museum Day (Thursday, May 18), we call upon our members to share a story about the impact you have on the lives of your community.

How to Participate

Before noon on Thursday, May 18, we ask members to share curated BC Museums Week images and text on their preferred social media accounts. Be sure to tag the BC Museums Association on social media:

Social Media Text

Option 1:

Museums, galleries, and heritage sites change lives. For BC Museums Week 2023, we are joining sites from across the province in telling the story of our impact. 

#MuseumsChangeLives #BCMW2023 #IMD2023


Option 2

Join us and other cultural institutions from across the province as we share our stories of impact this BC Museums Week. Now, more than ever, is the time to advocate for why museums matter.

#MuseumsChangeLives #BCMW2023 #IMD2023


Option 3

Museums, galleries, and heritage sites are critical to the vibrancy of our communities. This BC Museums Week, we join fellow cultural organizations in recognizing how museums change lives. 

#MuseumsChangeLives #BCMW2023 #IMD2023


Social Media Graphics

We encourage you to share the pre-made BCMA-created images linked below.

On May 18, the BCMA will be monitoring the above hashtags and resharing posts with our network.

Accessibility note: We encourage you to include image descriptions as alt text for the images you share on social media. An image description provides additional details about the images you share and allows, for example people who use screen readers to better engage with the content. To learn more about the importance of alt text and how to use it on social media, we recommend reading this article from Hootsuite.

Other Ways of Participating

If you are not able to participate on social media, we encourage two other methods of magnifying our collective impact: writing a letter to your local council, MLA, or MP, or, sending a letter to your local paper

From creating jobs, to supporting tourism, to reframing our understandings of the past, our sector matters. But for people to understand why our sector matters, we must tell that story. By sending a letter to a local representative or your local paper, you are helping to ensure that arts, culture, and heritage organizations are at the front of peoples’ minds. 


Template Letter for Elected Representatives

The BCMA has created the following customizable templates to support your outreach to local, provincial, and federal representatives. Click the links to download a Word document that can be customized to tell the story of why museums matter:

To find the contact information for your elected representatives, use CivicInfo BC to find local government information, Elections BC to find your MLA, and Elections Canada to find your MP.

Letter to the Editor Template

Local newspapers love to hear from museums, galleries, and heritage sites in their communities. Writing letters to the editor can be a great way to share news about your work and its impact. The BCMA has drafted the following template letter and encourages members to download and customize it.