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BC Museums Week 2018

 May 13, 2018

BC Museums Week 2018

May 13-20, 2018 marks the second official BC Museums Week! BC Museums Week celebrates the contributions of museums, galleries, historic sites, and other related heritage organizations to BC’s communities and economy. The week also surrounds International Museum Day on May 18.
BC Museums Week is your chance to celebrate our sector and increase awareness about the value and impact of your organization among key audiences and stakeholders. There are a variety of ways to get involved in BC Museums Week. Use this how-to guide as a resource for planning your involvement!

Daily Themes
The BCMA creates a series of daily themes for use on social media during BC Museums Week. Join us on Twitter and Facebook by following our suggested daily themes:
• May 13 – BC Museums Week: promote what you have planned this week and get people excited about BC Museums Week.
• May 14 – Your People: showcase your staff, volunteers, community members, or anyone else involved with your museum.
• May 15 – Hidden Stories: this is a great opportunity to show people what they don’t often see about your organization. Behind the scenes, sneak peeks, little known facts…
• May 16 – Your Community: celebrate and highlight how you contribute to and are involved in your broader community. How do you partner with your local heritage, education and community organizations? This is a great day to showcase how you serve diverse communities, your ongoing Indigenous Reconciliation efforts, or who in your community contributes to your important work.
• May 17 – Our Connected Sector: celebrate Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) by showcasing your connections with other GLAM organizations in your region or around the world.
• May 18 – International Museum Day: join the international conversation about “Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics” using #MuseumDay. Learn more at: http://imd.icom.museum/
• May 19 – Coming Soon: what is coming soon in your organization? Highlight upcoming exhibits, events, programs, initiatives, or cool staff projects.
• May 20 – BC Museum Week Showcase: what did BC Museum Week look like for you? Recap the week and keep the celebrations going!
You can also use these themes to plan special on-site events or programs, or you can choose your own themes for events or social media!