Museum Education

BCMA Webinar: Preparing and Responding to Challenging Guest Interactions

July 19, 2023 / 12-1 PM (PST)

Canadians say they trust museums more than their governments, more than the media, and even more than schools. Numerous studies show that Canadians believe in the power of museums to educate, to be trusted sources of information in an uncertain world, and to address social issues. Now more than ever, museums, galleries, and heritage sites are at the forefront of social change, bringing communities together to discuss topics that produce strong emotional reactions.

To support the invaluable workforce and volunteer base across the province, BCMA is partnering with go2HR to offer a free webinar & question/answer session on the topic of Preparing and Responding to Challenging Guest Interactions. Topics covered in this session will include:

Empathy & active listening to enhance customer experiences
Equipping teams with knowledge, information & resources for addressing common misconceptions
Understanding and applying differing conflict management styles
De-escalation tips and techniques for workers and managers
Q&A w/ Peter Charles, Regional HR Consultant – Vancouver Island w/ go2HR