BCMA Gathering 2023

Getting around Haida Gwaii

 Haida Gwaii  |   September 25 – 28, 2023

It’s our great pleasure to announce that the BCMA’s 2023 gathering will take place in person during the week of September 25 – 28, 2023!

The BCMA community has been invited by our colleagues at Saahlinda Naay Haida Gwaii Museum and the Haida Heritage Centre to join them for three days of learning on the land, connecting with each other, and exploring our collective work, impact, and responsibilities.


Photo Credit: HHC-HGM Photo External R Bettner 2009

What to Expect

Haida Gwaii, and the communities of Daajing Giids and Skidegate, are small. Please be aware that as guests and tourists in the area, our presence in larger groups will impact restaurants and amenities that the community accesses regularly. Patience, kindness, and some good humour will be needed so that we are good guests and leave a positive impression!

The ferry service from Prince Rupert does cause some congestion in popular places like JAGS Coffee Shop on the mornings it arrives. Note that you can also get coffee at Causeway Convenience Store in Daajing Giids, as well as snacks and lunch options, should you wish to purchase anything in addition to the gatherings’ catered options. The Haida Gwaii Co-op Skidegate Food Store and the City Centre Stores Ltd grocery in Daajing Giids are the closest grocery stores to the gathering location, and are only open until about 6pm. 

There are a handful of nearby restaurants but think ahead about their limited capacity and hours – larger groups will be harder to accommodate. We recommend calling ahead to make a reservation or ask about capacity – this will be helpful to them and you! You can find local options using the Go Haida Gwaii Food and Drink page and filtering by the community you are staying in. Be sure to check the schedule to know what meals are on your own!

There is a pharmacy at the Haida Gwaii Hospital and Health Centre – Xaayda Gwaay Ngaaysdll Naay in Daajing Giids, and another pharmacy at Northern Haida Gwaii Hospital and Health Centre in Masset. Please ensure that if you require medications regularly, you have enough to last through your stay in Haida Gwaii, plus some extra if you don’t make it home on time! Both hospitals are small, with 8 acute care beds in Daajing Giids and 4 in Masset. Emergency services are available, and will be notified of our gathering. There is a heli-pad for emergencies that require intensive medical assistance off-island.

Please note that the cell service depicted on this map is generous depending on your cell service provider. Driving distances are listed and it helps give visitors a sense of direction and scale.

BCMA has secured a shuttle bus which will provide pickup and dropoff on the days of the gathering (think school bus route every morning and evening – we will have so much fun!); a full list of pickup locations is coming soon. Rental cars will not be necessary for gathering-related events except if you are staying at a very remote accommodation. Rental cars should not be driven on logging roads or beaches. Please abide by the rules and avoid gravel roads and beaches with any vehicles you rent, should you decide to do so. It could limit your sightseeing options, so consult the map to learn more about the roads on Haida Gwaii and where they lead.

Grocery stores and gas stations have limited hours and are full-service. Please plan ahead if you require services and do not leave things to the last moment. Despite what Google Maps tells you, Sherris Gas and Grill is no longer operational, but we heard it had the best fish soup!

Gas in Masset: TLC Automotive Svc Ltd. 

Gas in Skidegate: Taaw Naay Gas Station


Pacific Coastal Airlines

Promo code: 8PBCMA23

Applicable Fare and Markets: 10% off all fares, all markets to/from ZMT

Sale Period: June 2 – Oct 5, 2023

Travel Period: Sept 19 – Oct 5, 2023

Terms and Conditions:

  • Discount is applicable to all fare types (base fare only)
  • New bookings only
  • Fares and seats are limited and subject to availability at the time of reservation
  • May not be combined with any other program, promotion, or discounts
  • Subject to applicable fare terms and conditions


Air Canada
Promo code for 2023 BCMA Gathering Haida Gwaii: N9BANUE1

The booking is to be made to the following city: Sandspit, YZP (CA)

  • The travel period begins Tuesday, September 19, 2023 and ends Thursday, October 05, 2023.
  • Travel is valid Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • For North America’ 5% applies on standard fares, 10% on flex fares & higher. For International Travel’ 10% on standard fares & higher.


Recommended Accommodations

There is no central conference hotel for the 2023 gathering. In addition to the accommodation options mentioned below, please visit LoveHaidaGwaii.com, the Daajing Giids Visitor Centre or Airbnb for additional places to stay.


If you are looking for last-minute accommodations, Haida House does have some availability however, attendees will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the Gathering if staying at Haida House.

Jags Beanstalk

#100 BC-16, Skidegate

9 rooms on hold for Sept 24-30

Call 778 260 0488 to book, room block under “BC Museums Association”.


Premiere Creek Inn 

3101 Oceanview Drive, Daajing Giids

4 rooms on hold for Sept 24-30

Call 250 617 1251 to book, room block under “BC Museums Association”.


Spruce Point Lodge

611 Sixth Ave, Daajing Giids

8 rooms on hold for Sept 24-30

Call 250 559 8234 to book or email info@sprucepointlodge.com, room block under “BC Museums Association”. Credit card information needed to complete reservation.


Sea Raven Motel 

3301 Oceanview Drive, Daajing Giids

26 rooms on hold for Sept 24-30

Call 250 559 4423 to book, room block under “BC Museums Association”. Credit card information needed to complete reservation.


Gracie’s Place

3113 Oceanview Drive, Daajing Giids

2 Queen rooms, 2 Twin rooms, one 2-bedroom suite

5 rooms on hold for Sept 24-30

Call 250 559 4262 to book, room block under “BC Museums Association”. Credit card information needed to complete reservation.


Chateau Norm

4112 Oceanview Drive, Daajing Giids

Call 250 559 8455 to book, room block under “BC Museums Association”.


Local Transportation

Sandspit Airport Shuttle

Daily shuttle routes from Daajing Giids and Skidegate to Haida Heritage Centre and back. This shuttle service is included in conference registration fee.

Shuttles will also be available for airport pickup on Sep 24, 25, 26, and airport drop off on Sep 28, 29, 30. Conference attendees will have to sign up, provide their flight and accommodation details and pay separately.

To sign up for the airport shuttle, click here.

Gathering Event Shuttle

We are offering daily shuttles from most accommodations in the Southern part of Haida Gwaii to the Haida Heritage Centre.

Please help us plan shuttle bus routes by providing the full address and any helpful details about the location of your accommodation. We cannot guarantee that the bus will be able to pick you up the door but we will do our best to get as close as possible. The Event Shuttle Routes will be published soon so that you can find your nearest pickup location and time.

To sign up for the event shuttle, click here.

Thanks to The Gwaii Trust Society for sponsoring a portion of this year’s local transportation. Daily event shuttle service will be free to delegates during the main days of the gathering. The Gwaii Trust Society owns and manages a multi-million dollar trust fund for the benefit of all people on Haida Gwaii. Learn more here.


I will respect Haida Gwaii and Haida Ways of Being during my visit

All attendees of the 2023 gathering are expected to sign the Haida Gwaii Pledge.

Learn more and sign.

Haida Gwaii Visitor Orientation

Haida Gwaii is a spectacular place full of life and culture. Everyone in Haida Territories shares a responsibility to care for the Air, Ocean, Land and People.

Click here to download the PDF version of the Haida Gwaii Visitor Orientation

Learn more about visiting Haida Gwaii on this website.


Through guidance and resolutions from Haida citizens at the 2018 House of Assembly, the Haida Nation has implemented the Haida Gwaii Stewardship Fund. 1% of the total 2023 gathering budget will be donated to support stewardship activities on Haida Gwaii related to tourism. 

Check out local art gallery, Crystal Cabin, representing over 30 local Haida and northwest coast artists, from emerging to renowned artists, in silver and gold jewelry, argillite carvings, printmaking, beading & wood carving. Located 30 minutes north of the Haida Gwaii Museum at 778A Richardson Road in Tlell, Haida Gwaii.