Help the BC Museums Association to advocate for a thriving arts, culture, and heritage sector – join the BCMA Advocacy Committee!


The Advocacy Committee provides strategic support for the BCMA’s government relations work and advocacy with local, provincial, and federal levels of government, seeks to increase awareness and understanding of British Columbia’s cultural sector, and amplifies calls for sustainable funding that allows the broader arts, culture, and heritage sector to thrive.

The BC Museums Association works with a number of volunteer committees and working groups to help ensure the voices of our members are reflected in our programs, advocacy, and events. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to learn more about how the BCMA works, share their ideas and passions, and collaborate with colleagues from across the province.

The BCMA is committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within the museum and cultural sector and in our own organizational practices. We strive to work with committees that reflect the diverse experiences, backgrounds, and geographic representations of members. We highly encourage members from historically underrepresented or marginalized groups to join a BCMA committee. If you are interested in learning about the work the BCMA is doing and our commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, check out our quarterly updates.

Connection to BCMA Strategic Plan: Advocacy is integral to the BCMA’s mission to support the arts, culture, and heritage sector to thrive “through bold advocacy and collaborative leadership.” Strategic Priority #5 “Tell the Story of Our Sector,” in particular notes the importance of advocacy in the work of the Association, expressing our goal to “share and celebrate stories of the impact of our members, clearly articulate the work of the BCMA, and advocate with all levels of government and the public to increase cultural awareness and literacy.”

Role: The Advocacy Committee offers strategic support to further the advocacy and government relations goals outlined in BCMA’s Strategic Plan and annual Business Plan. The committee will review the BCMA’s annual advocacy plan and offer feedback and strategic guidance. 

Participation in the committee is anticipated to involve approximately 6 hours of a committee member’s time each year (3 one-hour meetings each, requiring around one hour of preparation).

Service on the committee is non-remunerative, and no travel is anticipated, but any required travel or other expenditure would be reimbursed following BCMA policies.




  • Committee membership is open to any BCMA member in good standing and will strive to reflect the diversity of the BCMA’s membership. 
  • Committee members serve for two-year terms with the possibility of renewal for a maximum of three consecutive terms, or six years. 
  • The Advocacy Committee must include a minimum of one BCMA Council member who will serve as the committee chair or co-chair.
  • The committee may include at least 4, and up to 9 members.
  • To ensure that Advocacy Committee members can speak to the diverse needs of the BCMA membership, the committee should include at minimum:
    • One museum representative
    • One gallery representative
    • One non-museum representative (i.e. heritage site, science centre, Indigenous cultural centre, etc) member
    • One non-urban member
    • One emerging museum professional (i.e. having worked in the sector for ten years or less)

How to Apply:

If you are interested in joining the BCMA Advocacy Committee, please contact us via email by July 1, 2024. Please include a very brief introductory overview of your work, career, and interest in advocacy (no more than 100 words). We will reach out to select candidates in early July to set up a call to discuss the Committee and their advocacy goals.



Contact us!

If you are interested in getting more involved in the BCMA, please contact us at 

In addition to the Advocacy Committee, the BCMA also has an Indigenous Advisory Committee, Financial Sustainability & Governance Committee, Professional Development & Education Committee, and several ad hoc working groups. While these committees are currently at capacity, we always like to hear from members who would like to become involved. If you are interested in a different opportunity, we encourage you to reach out.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The British Columbia Museums Association (BCMA) Staff, Council and Committees agree to uphold the BCMA’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through its work by creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences. We support diversity (including, but not limited to, diversity in age, sex, identity, geography, ethnicity, orientation, and resources) in all programs, policies, initiatives, and decisions created by the Association.