Climate and Emergencies

Webinar: BC HERN and Emergency Salvage of Museum Collections

April 22, 2020

Wildfires, floods, and destructive storms are becoming common events, adding to the known risk of earthquakes in BC. Our best line of defense is emergency preparedness, training and response. The British Columbia Heritage Emergency Response Network (BC HERN) is a growing consortium of institutions within the arts and culture sector in British Columbia whose staff feel morally and professionally obliged to safeguard the collections that they hold in trust by adequately planning for emergency situations as well as to support others in the event of localized emergencies.

Join Kasey Lee, Senior Conservator of the Royal BC Museum, to get into the details of salvage and recovery of museum collections. Hear about the challenges of documenting a collection in crisis and some of the solutions that can be employed. Learn how to triage a collection, move, pack, and buy yourself some time. Know when and how to clean and dry a variety of collection materials, and when to call a conservator. You’ll leave with resources to help you in the long term.