State of Canadian Museums 

The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage released a major report on the State of Canadian Museums (September 2018). The Government’s response was issued in January 2019.

CMA: "Report Recommends Major Improvements to Museum Support"

The report makes 15 recommendations and largely follows the guidance of a CMA brief submitted in 2016. The report covers a range of topics including the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, infrastructure development as well as increased support for small museums.

Moving Forward – Towards a Stronger Canadian Museum Sector

This report is divided into two parts:

1) A portrait of Canadian museums, including changes to the definition of a museum, recent data, as well as an overview of the support currently offered to Heritage institutions by the Government of Canada;
2) The state of Canadian museums as presented by witnesses, including issues related to funding, human resources, infrastructure, as well as the many roles museums play in their communities.