BC Museums Week    Indigenous Culture & Heritage

Repatriation Discussion with Maiyoo Keyoh Society

May 2021

We are celebrating BC Museums Week across the province from May 17 to 23. This year’s theme is #MuseumACTION and each day we will explore actionable ideas and inspiring discussions to help you take action and make change. On May 18, International Museums Day, we are exploring reconciliation and repatriation. In this podcast, Leia Patterson, BCMA Learning Resource Coordinator, is joined by Chief Petra Munroe from the Maiyoo Keyoh Society, a 2020 Repatriation Grant recipient, to discuss their community’s repatriation work.


Repatriation Grant Recipients, the Maiyoo Keyoh Society were on CBC radio!

Chief Petra Munroe was featured on Daybreak North with Carolina de Ryk on May 25, 2021 to discuss the return of their family headdress to BC.

Catch that interview at minute 53 in the CBC episodes list here: and get more info from our BC Museums Week Podcast.

The BCMA is honoured to have supported this repatriation through the 2020 Repatriation Grants.

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