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Museum Flood Funding Program Videos

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Alberta Museums Association: Museum Flood Funding Program Videos

The Province of Alberta experienced severe weather and dramatic flooding in June 2013, affecting many of Alberta’s museums, historic sites and cultural centres.  The Alberta Museums Association (AMA), with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, provided millions of dollars to the recovery efforts and preventative conservation initiatives across the province. As part of the Museum Flood Funding Program, the AMA also created a series of resources and tools to prepare institutions for disaster planning and mitigate damage in the event of future flooding.

The following four videos highlight the aftermath of the 2013 floods at four Albertan museums and historic sites.  The videos detail the experiences and lessons learned throughout the recovery process.

The BCMA thanks the AMA for sharing these resources with museums across the country!

Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic District

National Music Centre

Museum of Highwood

Heritage Village