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BCMA Webinar: From Very Bad to Very Good: Improving Survey Design in Cultural Institutions

March 31, 2021

Jessica McQuiggan

In an effort to be more data-informed, especially in a year of great uncertainty and change, museums are increasingly tempted to reach out to their constituents via surveys and questionnaires. But what are the best practices in survey design? How do we get more people to respond, and importantly, get the right people to respond? And what do we do with all that data?

This webinar will explore the fundamentals of survey design and administration among BC museums and cultural institutions. Participants will learn about the different stages of surveying and will gain practical tips to help them improve their skills and confidence, ensuring high-quality results that are actionable.

Jessica McQuiggan managed research and evaluation at Science World in Vancouver for nearly three years and is a member of the Visitor Studies Association. As an enthusiastic data nerd with a PhD in cognitive psychology, she firmly believes that people don’t hate doing surveys – they just dislike filling out poorly-designed surveys. Come learn about best practices and valuable resources that will take your surveys from Very Bad β†’ Bad β†’ Neutral β†’ Good β†’ Very Good!