Equity and Access Bursary

Supporting equity, accessibility, and anti-racism training for staff and volunteers working in BC museums and cultural institutions.

2023 Professional Development Bursaries are now Available!

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Deadline: March 20, 2023

Questions? Email us at bcma@museum.ba.ca.

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The Bursary

The Equity and Access Bursary is awarded annually to enable staff and volunteers of our member institutions, or Individual Members currently employed at a museum, gallery or historic site, to participate in equity, accessibility, and anti-racism training. Up to $5,000 are awarded annually.


Bursary applications are invited from BC Museums Association Institutional Members on behalf of staff or volunteers, or from Individual Members. There is no restriction on the training provider, but the proposed training opportunity must have a focus on equitable practice, social action, and accessibility. Organization-wide training opportunities are encouraged.

Consideration will be given to both credit and non-credit educational opportunities. Eligible expenses include but are not limited to consultant fees, tuition or registration fees, travel, and textbooks.


Applications are evaluated on the basis of:

  • Financial need of the institution or individual making the application;
  • Suitability and proven commitment of the individual(s) nominated; and,
  • Value for money of the training selected. Tuition and expenses for a credit course at a local college may be rated higher than an application for fees, travel, and accommodation for a three-day workshop in Vancouver, for example.


Explore select professional development opportunities:

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Do you know of other professional development opportunities that we could share here? Or do you have questions about this bursary and the eligibility criteria? Email us at bcma@museum.bc.ca.