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Honoraria Now Available for Roundup Contributors:

For decades, Roundup magazine has succeeded due to the generous volunteer efforts of our members. Over the years, members have donated their time as contributors, editors and on review committees. While volunteer contributions have long been essential to non-profit associations like the BCMA, we recognize that everyone should be equitably compensated for their time, ideas, and efforts – and this is especially true in the arts and culture sector, where all too often people are asked to donate their time.

All contributors and guest editors will be offered an honorarium for their contributions. Compensation is $500 for a feature article (1000 words) and $250 for a column contribution (500 words), with external copy editors receiving $200 per issue. Articles are recommended to have associated pictures, please see guidelines below.

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We love hearing stories of members making a difference, seeing an innovative idea come to life, or succeeding in their community. You can write about an organization you love, they can write about themselves, or you can interview them for an article. Submit your ideas below.

Submissions are welcome at any time via the form below. Roundup will return in January 2023.


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Ways You Could Contribute…

Write A Feature Piece

We are looking for timely feature articles in connection with the quarterly theme. Articles may be controversial, theoretical, or journalistic – the goal is to achieve a balance of articles that would be of interest to a wide readership.

Think about what the readers will take away from your article; perhaps they will learn something new, see an issue from a new perspective, or understand the impact of an event or project that has happened. We would love to hear what you have to say!

Typical Length: 1,000 words

Images: 8-10 professional-quality or high-resolution photographs or other images. Minimum resolution 360px wide, with one feature image up to 1600px wide.

Approximate Compensation: $500 per issue

Write or add to a Column

We would love to see previous columns from Roundup continue into the new online format. If you have an idea for a new column or would like your contributions to be considered for an existing column, please submit a proposal.

Our existing columns include; Spotlight on Museum Ed, Celebrating B.C.’s Built Heritage, Being Small is not a Problem at all, Volunteer Spotlight, Lunch with Owl.


Typical Length: 500 words

Images: 2-3 professional-quality or high-resolution photographs or other images. Minimum resolution 360px wide, with one feature image up to 1600px wide.

Approximate Compensation: $250 per issue

Suggest A Story

We know that sometimes people don’t like to ‘hoot’ their own horn, so why not ‘hoot’ it for them? Do you know of an institution, individual, project, or group doing amazing work that should be shared with other members, but you don’t want to write the article? Let us know and we will reach out to ask them to contribute their story to Roundup! Please note, suggesting a story is not a paid opportunity, but those who agree to write will be compensated according to the rates above.

You can use the submission form below or email us with the relevant information

Contribute to Whoo’s News

Is someone new to your institution or has someone moved up and taken on more responsibility? We want to know about this exciting development and share the news! Please note that these submissions are unpaid.

NEW for Winter 2022 and into 2023: Whoo’s News will now be added to the MuseNews Podcast each month!

Typical Length: 75 words max

Images: none

Now that you know what we are looking for, use the form below to submit your ideas! We cannot wait to hear from you!

A note about style:

Articles should be written in a clear and jargon-free style. All articles are subject to editing for length, clarity, and style. Authors will be informed of any significant proposed changes to their article. For questions of style, this shortened Canadian Press Style Guide is a great resource from the University of Alberta for consistency in names, numbers, abbreviations and possessives.

A note about images and video:

Now that Roundup is in digital format, we encourage images or video clips/audio recordings to accompany your writing. Digital images in various formats (TIFF, JPEG, or EPS) should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Audio or video should be in mov, mp4, m4v or mp3 format. Credit information and a short caption must accompany all images. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain permissions and/or clear copyright before submitting supplemental materials. Cartoons, tables, and line drawings are also accepted if they fit the format standards mentioned above.

If you have any questions about your submission or about the new online Roundup format, please do not hesitate to contact Leia Patterson at